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Palmetto Corp Now Offering Reclamation Services

Palmetto Corp is pleased to announce the launch of our new Reclamation Division!

Reclamation is an affordable way to rehabilitate a roadway or parking lot by using existing surface materials. The process takes recycling to a new level and cuts costs on trucking, fuel, equipment, material, waste and time, in turn helping our customers increase their bottom line.

How does it work?
Existing roadway materials are pulverized and mixed with water and cement or asphalt emulsions, then compacted to create a base for the top surface material.

To receive a free estimate on reclamation for your property, or to learn more about this process, email us or call our estimating team at (843) 365-2156.



Palmetto Corp 2014 Christmas Party

The Palmetto Corp Christmas party was held on Friday, December 19th at our brand new Florence plant shop. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and a great time was had by all as we competed in equipment games, enjoyed a BBQ lunch, and raffled off over 50 awesome prizes. We are proud to have the best crews and employees in South Carolina and were pleased to spend the day celebrating a great 2014 with them! Take a look at highlights from the party below.


Paving in North Myrtle Beach – Coastal North

By Sarah Jeffcoat

Our crews have been hard at work over the last couple of months grading and paving in North Myrtle Beach at the new Coastal North shopping center. This much anticipated shopping center has some commercial tenants new to this area, namely Hobby Lobby and Publix. Other great stores that are either open for business or have been confirmed for future business include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ross, PetSmart, Which Which, Chipotle, TJ Maxx, Ulta Beauty, and more. For a complete list of new stores and restaurants at Coastal North in North Myrtle Beach, click here. 

Below are a few photos of the parking lots we finished paving in North Myrtle Beach at the Coastal North complex, as well as some grading work we still have underway. Check back later for final photos for the rest of the shopping center!


Paving Companies in South Carolina – DOT Funding Issues

By Sarah Jeffcoat

Many of the paving companies in South Carolina rely on funding from the Department of Transportation to keep their doors open and pay their employees. Unfortunately, South Carolina DOT’s funding can’t keep up with the poor condition of the state’s roads and bridges. Many of our lawmakers are open to increasing the gas tax (which is now at the same rate it was in the ’80s) to help fix the problem, but others, including the Governor, are not on board. The below video from the South Carolina Alliance to Fix our Roads has some staggering facts about the state of South Carolina’s infrastructure and its role in our daily lives. We’ve broken down the highlights for you as a quick recap:

  • SC has seen a 43% increase in traffic over the last 10 years.
  • There are over 1,650 bridges in SC that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Poor roads cost you $255 more per year on car repairs.
  • The total cost of vehicle crashes in SC each year is $3.3 billion.
  • Roughly 30% of traffic fatalities involve road conditions.
  • South Carolina saw 833 fatal car crashes in 2012.
  • Investing $15 more per month in highways can save you $75 in vehicle operation costs, amounting to $720/year in savings!
  • SC drivers pay less than $10/month in fees to use our highways. If ever there’s an example of getting what you pay for, this is it.

So what can you do? Contact your state representative and demand better roads.


Paving in Myrtle Beach – Plantation Point

By Sarah Jeffcoat

Since we were awarded Horry County’s paving contract this year, our crews have been incredibly busy paving in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. One of the jobs we recently completed for Horry County was milling and repaving Plantation Point, one of the larger neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach.

Our crews milled over 51,500 square yards of roadway and laid down nearly 6,000 tons of new asphalt, covering approximately five miles.  This job also required some full depth patching in some areas.

Take a look at some of the before and after photos below to see what a difference repaving can make in improving the appearance of a community!

For more information on paving in Myrtle Beach, or to receive a free estimate for your property or neighborhood, call us at (843) 365-2156, or fill out our bid request form by clicking here.

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